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The PC industry has introduced some remarkably exciting designs over the last five years or so. Some of those designs, such as the thin-bezel laptop, have been adopted by almost all players in the industry. Microsoft has certainly been an innovator in the space as well, and the Surface Pro series has become the baseline for an entire category that did not exist in any volume before their launch. But almost certainly, one of the quirkiest designs was the Surface Book. First launched in 2015, and then succeeded by the Surface Book 2 in 2017, Microsoft is now releasing the third generation of their most powerful notebook computer.

Microsoft Springs A Surface Refresh: Surface Book 3 And Surface Go 2 Plus Accessories

This morning Microsoft is announcing a refresh on a couple more of their Surface products that did not get updated back in October. The Surface Book 3 and Surface...

43 by Brett Howse on 5/6/2020

No Fooling: Microsoft Silently Updates Surface Book 2 13.5 With Quad-Core i5 Option

Microsoft is a bit of an enigma in the PC space. There is little doubt that they offer some stunning hardware, but after being the first PC maker to...

14 by Brett Howse on 4/1/2019

The Microsoft Surface Book 2 (15-Inch) Review: Second Time's The Charm

We finally have the successor. After a troubled launch in late 2015 of the original Surface Book, Microsoft seemed to drag their feet when it came to updating what...

120 by Brett Howse on 12/21/2017

Microsoft Introduces Surface Book 2: 7th/8th Generation i5/i7 CPUS, NVIDIA Discrete Graphics

In what some would call a surprise announcement, Microsoft has unveiled the much anticipated Surface Book 2, 2 in 1 laptop. With content creators, designers, and PC gamers requiring...

103 by Joe Shields on 10/17/2017

Microsoft Patches Surface Book And Surface Pro 4 Sleep Issue

When I reviewed the Surface Book, there were a lot of bugs with the software. Some of them have been pretty minor, and Microsoft has been updating the firmware...

40 by Brett Howse on 2/17/2016

The Microsoft Surface Book Review

Microsoft has released what they are calling "The Ultimate Laptop" and with their first attempt at moving outside the tablet segment, we take a look at the new Surface...

250 by Brett Howse on 11/10/2015

Hello Windows Hello: Firmware Update Adds Biometric Login To Surface Pro 4 And Surface Book

Just the other day, I posted my review of the Microsoft Surface Pro 4. One of the most exciting additions to the convertible tablet from Microsoft was the implementation...

39 by Brett Howse on 10/25/2015

The Microsoft Surface Book First Look

Today is the official launch day for not only Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4, but also the Surface Book which was announced back at the Microsoft Windows 10 Devices event...

101 by Brett Howse on 10/21/2015

Microsoft Reveals the Surface Book

Pretty much since the original Surface was born, I, and many others, have wished that Microsoft would try their hands at a laptop computer. It’s not even that the...

113 by Brett Howse on 10/6/2015

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