ASUS introduced its new generation mid-range VivoBook S-series laptops at Computex earlier this month. The new notebooks are equipped with the company’s proprietary ScreenPad 2.0 — a touchpad with an integrated display — along with a host of other premium features. By equipping a mid-range PC with its ScreenPad, ASUS kills two birds with one stone: it popularizes its exclusive technology and it makes its mainstream laptops more competitive. Traditionally, ASUS’s VivoBook S14 (S432/S431) and VivoBook S15 (S532/S531) notebooks come in chassis made of brushed aluminum and lightweight plastic thus bringing together durability while keeping the weight relatively low (1.4 – 1.8 kilograms) and z-height relatively thin (0.7 inch, 1.778 cm). Aimed at the young audience, the new VivoBook S-series come in Moss Green, Transparent...

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