Next Generation ION

When we reviewed Zotac's ZBOX HD-ID11 we noted that the upgrade to the Next-Generation ION didn't feel like much of an upgrade. Performance improved in some cases, but power consumption got worse and in 3D games and Flash playback performance actually dropped. The latter was a particular problem because many want to buy these NG-ION nettops for use as streaming content devices. NVIDIA recently gave us a driver to improve the Flash playback situation on NG-ION platforms and we put it through the paces. While it doesn't fix everything, there's at least light at the end of this tunnel. Read on for the story.

Zotac ZBOX HD-ID11 Review: Next Gen ION is Better & Worse than ION1

The nForce 2 was one of the best chipsets to come out of NVIDIA. It was NVIDIA’s second attempt at a desktop chipset yet it cemented NVIDIA’s position as...

44 by Anand Lal Shimpi on 5/6/2010

This Just In: Zotac's ZBOX HD-ID11 Next Gen ION

Two months ago NVIDIA unveiled its next-generation ION GPU. Sporting either 8 or 16 SPs (or CUDA cores if you bleed green), the next-generation ION is strictly a GPU...

25 by Anand Lal Shimpi on 4/30/2010

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