Early on in Computex, Corsair unveiled the new Corsair Force MP300 NVMe 1.3 TB M.2 SSD. Corsair announced the drive during our flight over, so we learned about it at the company's booth where the drive was prominently on display. The Corsair website shows the price ranging from just $49 (120GB) to $320 (960GB). The drive is up to 3x faster than SATA and designed to help users transition away from the antiquated serial bus that was built for slower media. Specifications for the 3D TLC NAND drives (960GB) are 1600 MB/s sequential read and 1080 MBs sequential writes with IOPS coming in at 240K and 210K respectively. While these are not the fastest NVMe based drives on the market, on paper they are notably...

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