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Samsung has introduced two new 0.8-μm image sensors for use in upcoming smartphones. The new sensors are the 48 MP ISOCELL Bright GM2 for advanced handsets as well as the 64 MP ISOCELL Bright GW1 for flagship phones. Both 0.8-μm image sensors not only feature very high resolutions via use of very small pixels, but they support a number of technologies designed to improve image quality.

EasyShare DX7590: Kodak's Second Ultra-Zoom Digicam

As Kodak's second 10x zoom digicam, the DX7590 packs a lot of features with its intuitive EasyShare system. In our review, we discovered the strengths and weaknesses of this...

10 by Stephen Caston on 2/11/2005

Optio X: A Look at Pentax's Ultra Thin 5MP Digicam

In our review of the Optio X, we discovered that it does not hold up when compared to the competition. Although it performs well in several areas, we found...

8 by Stephen Caston on 2/6/2005

DSC-L1: Sony's Latest Ultra-Compact Digicam

In our review of the DSC-L1, we found that although it proves to be a responsive camera with a great array of features, it falls behind in terms of...

7 by Stephen Caston on 1/27/2005

AnandTech Guide to Better Photos: Portraits

In our second guide to snapping better pictures, we are going to look at some portrait techniques. There are some easy ways to improve your portrait photography. With the...

30 by Stephen Caston on 1/19/2005

Nikon Coolpix 8400: A Wide Angle Solution

The Nikon Coolpix 8400 has a lot to offer. With 8 MP of resolution and a substantial wide-angle lens, it can produce some amazing pictures. In our review, we...

3 by Stephen Caston on 1/12/2005

Digicam Roundup: $150

In this article, we take a look at three popular digital cameras at the $150 price point. As digicams become more affordable, it is increasingly possible to get a...

16 by Stephen Caston on 12/30/2004

Photosmart M307: HP's Newest is Put to the Test

Although HP is not the most common name in digital cameras, they are fighting for a spot in the digicam market. With their newest release, HP attempts to appeal...

8 by Stephen Caston on 11/27/2004

AnandTech Guide to Better Photos: Composition

In the first article from our AnandTech Guide to Better Photos, we hope to stimulate some compositional thought with techniques for improving your own photography. Whether you've been shooting...

26 by Stephen Caston on 11/19/2004

Canon 20D: Raising the Bar for Prosumer Digital SLRs

With the release of the EOS 20D, Canon has set a new standard for affordable digital SLRs. The 20D proves to be much faster than its predecessor with amazing...

14 by Stephen Caston on 11/11/2004

Olympus Stylus Verve: Fashion vs Performance

The Stylus Verve offers a sleek and innovative design with a 4 megapixel resolution and 2x optical zoom. Many people think that the camera is attractive, but looks aren't...

10 by Stephen Caston on 11/4/2004

Fujifilm FinePix E550: Fuji's Newest Packs a Punch

In our review of the Fujifilm FinePix E550, we discovered it to be a solid performer. Offering superior image quality and a full range of exposure modes, this camera...

3 by Stephen Caston on 10/15/2004

The Hunt for the Best Ultra-Compact Camera

Ultra-compact cameras are everywhere! Everybody knows how small these cameras are, but what about image quality, speed, and performance? In our roundup, we take a look at three popular...

14 by Stephen Caston on 10/5/2004

DSC-F88: A Review of One of Sony's Latest 5MP Digicams

In our review of the Sony DSC-F88, we will take a look at its performance in our regular tests. Read on to see how it stacks up.

0 by Stephen Caston on 9/23/2004

Konica Minolta DiMAGE Z2 & Z3: What is the difference in performance?

The 12X DiMAGE Z3 offers several updates to its 10X predecessor in terms of design and features. In our review, we will test both cameras to determine the performance...

10 by Stephen Caston on 9/5/2004

Canon PowerShot S60: Follow-up to the S50

Featuring a 5 megapixel sensor and 3.6x optical zoom, the PowerShot S60 offers features that will appeal to all skill levels. See how well this camera performs in our tests...

11 by Stephen Caston on 8/17/2004

Nikon Coolpix 5200: Does It Deliver?

The Coolpix 5200 is one of Nikon's newest digicams in its Coolpix series. How well will it hold up in our multitude of tests? We're about to find out.

5 by Stephen Caston on 7/23/2004

5 Megapixels for < $300: Kodak DX4530, Olympus C-50 Zoom, Casio QV-R51

In our first digital camera roundup, we will compare three popular 5-megapixel cameras to find out which is the best buy.

9 by Stephen Caston on 7/15/2004

Canon's 300D (Digital Rebel) vs 10D: Battle of the DSLRs

With their introduction of the Digital Rebel, Canon managed to bring digital SLRs to the consumer market. But for a few hundred more, is Canon's professional level 10D worth...

19 by Stephen Caston on 7/5/2004

Digital Camera Review Guide

We're about to dive into Digital Camera reviews on AnandTech, but first, we have to lay the ground work. Let this guide serve as an introduction to what you...

7 by Stephen Caston on 7/5/2004

Sony DSC-S70 Digital Camera

In the market of digital cameras, there are a vast variety of products to chose from. In an effort to help make your decision easier...

1 by Matthew Witheiler on 10/18/2000

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