The IFA trade show is scheduled to take place a couple of weeks from now, but LG is already giving details about their upcoming LG G3 Stylus ahead of the event. The G3 Stylus joins the original G3, the G3 Beat, and the G Vista in LG's lineup of similarly named devices for 2014. LG is only releasing limited information but we've put together all the specifications that they have detailed in a chart below. LG will be displaying the device at IFA with more detailed information about its specifications and details about pricing.

LG G3 Stylus
SoC Unknown 1.3GHz Quad Core
Memory and Storage 8GB NAND + MicroSD, 1GB RAM
Display 5.5” 960x540 IPS LCD
Dimensions 149.3 x 75.9 x 10.2mm, 163g
Camera 13 MP Rear Facing, 1.2MP Front Facing
Battery Removable 3000 mAh (11.4Whr)
Network 3G
Operating System Android 4.4.2 KitKat

As you can see, it's not the most comprehensive specification sheet. Based on the display resolution and amount of RAM and NAND, this looks to be a fairly mid-range device. The display resolution may be problematic at that screen size, as 960x540 at 5.5" amounts to a pixel density of only 200ppi. A smaller display may have been preferable for sharpness, but LG is likely trying to find a balance to maintain stylus usability, 

The size and mass of the device are both slightly greater than the LG G3. Despite being the same display size and battery capacity, the price point and the addition of the stylus necessitates changes to the device's chassis.

The G3 Stylus will be launched in Brazil in September, with other countries in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East to follow afterward. Pricing is currently unknown, and LG gave no details about a possible US launch, but there will definitely be more information about the G3 Stylus at IFA.

Source: LG Newsroom

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  • Malih - Tuesday, August 26, 2014 - link

    Sounded exciting, right until the screen resolution being mentioned,
    720p should be the minimum standard for a mid-range 4.5"+ devices,
    and 1080p should be the minimum standard for a mid-range 5.5"+ devices next year.
  • ddriver - Tuesday, August 26, 2014 - link

    Besides the low resolution, the pen looks like its capacitive, in other words just as cr@ppy as the rest of the hardware, this surely ain't no "Note" competitor.
  • snajk138 - Tuesday, August 26, 2014 - link

    Looks like a capacative stylus, so not really any different from the ones you can buy everywhere except that it looks like there's a slot for it in the phone. I'd stay with my Note even if the resolution wasn't so laughable.
  • zepi - Tuesday, August 26, 2014 - link

    Most phone manufacturers seem to be completely at lost about how to save on features without making the phone totally shitty.

    It's either top spec or totally shitty.
  • Samus - Tuesday, August 26, 2014 - link

    I agree. It's been the trend for years now. The only decent middle-ground phone out there now is the Moto X or perhaps an iPhone 5...both are $300-$350 new off contract. Everything else is either just too expensive or too shitty to be worth considering.
  • flyingpants1 - Tuesday, August 26, 2014 - link

    Nexus 5.
  • Malih - Tuesday, August 26, 2014 - link

    Moto X and Moto G offer the best for both price range, maybe Moto E too, but I haven't actually seen one around.

    Moto G2 looks set to be the new bang for the buck phone, with rumored 8mp camera, that is if they decide to keep the attractive pricing.
  • Death666Angel - Tuesday, August 26, 2014 - link

    Moto X is usually as pricey as an LG G2 where I'm at (Germany) and I think the LG G2 is much superior, unless you have a weird fetish for the form factor for the X.
  • BMNify - Tuesday, August 26, 2014 - link

    Xiaomi Mi3 at $230 and Redmi 1S at $99 Off-contract are very good options at excellent prices and yeah they are now available officially in many countries: India, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines ,Indonesia. Also they will be launching in Thailand, Russia, Turkey, Brazil and Mexico in few months.
  • dragonsqrrl - Tuesday, August 26, 2014 - link

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