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This Week

With the new year (and new millennium) finally here, we see that CPU and video card prices are on par with prices back in December. However, the low end CPU market is seeing a lot of action from both Intel and AMD.

Intel is finally showing the true colors of its Celeron line of processors by introducing their 800MHz part, which is the first Celeron to officially support a 100MHz FSB. Users will notice a significant performance boost over the older, 66MHz FSB Celerons. However, because this processor is still very new, prices for it are quite high compared to other Celerons and even some Pentium IIIs.

Hot on the heals of Intel, AMD released the latest model of its "low-end" Duron processor, clocking in at 850MHz. Those still looking to buy a 133MHz based Thunderbird are out of luck again this week as these processors are nowhere to be found on the open market.

This week, 3dfx and Matrox cards remain virtually unchanged in price, while ATI Radeons and NVIDA GeForce2s are hotter than ever.

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