It's time, once again, for our AnandTech Community Update. It's been a busy week on the site testing and preparing for some launches next week, and this month is chalk full of awesome upcoming games. Let's take a look at the discussions going on in our forums about all the fun.

All About Apple houses a fantastic guide to Hackintoshery including not only tips and tricks, but full install instructions and recommended rigs (best for compatibility) ranging from $350 - $1000. We've looked at Hackintosh in the past, but the best place to find the most up to day information is in the posts of the people currently building and installing systems.

There has been some speculation on what's next from AMD in discussion on the future RV870. Obviously all this is totally unconfirmed and to be taken with a grain of salt, but it's always fun to talk about the possibilities. As for other unreleased products, there is more discussion about Windows 7 going on as well. Of course, in this case we do know more about what the final product will end up being, but it's still talk about future tech.

Last week, with the release of Far Cry 2, we saw NVIDIA and AMD release beta drivers to support this (among other developments). The road has been rocky, though, for CrossFire performance with AMD's hotfix drivers. Without AA enabled, performance drops like a rock but seems fine with AA enabled. There is talk about the latest hotfix revision (that came out this week) in our video forum. Keep in mind that all beta drivers are prone to more issues as they aren't as heavily QA'd. Even NVIDIA's latest beta driver doesn't have all the features enabled.

Switching gears to politics, there is some discussion of the Obama infomercial. I haven't seen it yet, and I've already voted myself. But it politics always makes for interesting discussion. Just keep in mind that our Politics and News forum gets a little more contentious and aggressive than our other forums. It's best to cary a thick skin when venturing in there.

In our Gadgets and Gear forum, we've got talk of the upcoming Sony Ericsson Xperia X1. Looks interesting, but also looks pricy. We'll have to see if it can live up to its cost when it makes its debut. We do expect the discussion in there to pick up once the Blackberry Storm hits as well.
For those near Atlanta, GA, some of our forum members are going to be involved in a bit of a LAN party. If you're into that kind of thing.

We'll finish up this post with lots of links to discussion of recently released and upcoming console games. There are a lot of really awesome titles either floating around or getting ready to emerge. Here's our short list:

Gears of War 2 Official Thread 
Little Big Planet Thread

Dead Space Thread

Official Fallout 3 Thread

Fable 2 Thread

Guitar Hero: World Tour Thread

Resistance 2

Console Gaming is rounded out by a discussion of Netflix being added to the Xbox 360.
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