AAVID Pentium II Heatsink/Fan Unit

I admit I do own a couple of shares of AAVID stock. When I saw this unit I had the word sell on my mind. Given this is not the nice(big) PII cooler they have. Still when the heatsink is less than half the height of he FHK-20/FAP223B I have to wonder what they were thinking. Well I guess it fills a lower cost alternative or something. I can't find anybody who carries these though. I'm going to stop ranting now. Well I guess the only good thing is it uses a 3 pin connector. Spend the money and buy something better.
Price: $??
The AAVID Pentium II Heatsink/Fan Unit is very similar to the one used in Boxed Intel Pentium II Processors


Slim design.3 pin connector.


I hate the clips. Too small. Dinky thermal pad. I'm going to just stop there.

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