04:46PM EST - We're here ready to Live Blog the annual CES keynote from AMD. We expect to see Lisa Su, Frank Azor, and others take to the stage to discuss what's happening for AMD in the first half of 2020.

04:48PM EST - We're seated front and center, the event should start in 10 minutes

04:49PM EST - This is one of the official keynotes for CES, so they only last 45 minutes

04:50PM EST - We expect the hall to be filled, as in people lining the sides

04:56PM EST - We've already seen Lenovo kind of pre-announce AMD's Ryzen 4000 APUs, so hopefully we get all the info

05:00PM EST - Here we go

05:00PM EST - Intro video time

05:01PM EST - Dr. LIsa Su to the stage

05:02PM EST - Talking about 2020

05:02PM EST - AMD is excited for the 2020 tech

05:02PM EST - AMD is all about high performance computing

05:02PM EST - bringing high perf compute to every market

05:02PM EST - All about pproducts, partners, and distruption

05:02PM EST - About great technology

05:02PM EST - Making the right bets, 3-5 years in advance

05:02PM EST - Recapping 2019

05:03PM EST - Second Gen EPYC doubled the perf from gen to gen

05:04PM EST - Plenty of partners

05:04PM EST - Microsoft, Sony, Apple, Google, Hyperscalers, OEMs

05:05PM EST - Now video of partners

05:05PM EST - Radeon Pro Vega II

05:05PM EST - Surface Laptop 3

05:05PM EST - AMD Ryzen Microsoft Surface Edition

05:05PM EST - lots of co-engineering

05:05PM EST - THe best games on console powered by AMD

05:06PM EST - Twitter using EPYC, 25% TCO reduction

05:06PM EST - Custom GPU for Google Stadia

05:06PM EST - Google using EPYC in its datacenters

05:06PM EST - Over 20 products on 7nm across all markets

05:07PM EST - Bringing innovation to market

05:08PM EST - Now for 2020

05:08PM EST - The theme for 2020 is all about the best, bringing the best to the market

05:08PM EST - At CES, the best is for the gamer and the creator

05:08PM EST - Higher perf CPU and GPU

05:09PM EST - One of the themes at CES this year is 8K

05:09PM EST - Amazing technology for content creators today

05:09PM EST - Best Laptop Experiences in 2020

05:09PM EST - Not a lot of improvement in the laptop form factor recently. You have to pack a lot of technology into a modern design

05:10PM EST - In 2020, AMD will bring the best laptop processor ever built

05:10PM EST - Zen 2, 7nm, and power efficienct

05:10PM EST - 20% lower SoC power, 2x Perf per watt

05:10PM EST - Zen 2, higher clock frequencies

05:10PM EST - Announcing 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen 4000 mobile processors

05:11PM EST - 8-core, 16 thread

05:12PM EST - Ultrathin computing has improved slowly since 2014

05:12PM EST - Ryzen 4000 creates a step function improvement

05:12PM EST - Above the historical curve, pushing the envelope

05:12PM EST - U-Series, H-Series, Pro-Series

05:12PM EST - 15W, 45W, and Pro models

05:13PM EST - Building for the business notebook market, manageability, security, etc

05:13PM EST - Ryzen 7 4800U

05:13PM EST - 8C/16T, 1.8G base, 4.2G turbo, 8 CUs, 15W

05:13PM EST - This is the flagship U-series part

05:14PM EST - 59% higher performance Vega CUs over previous gen Vega CUs

05:14PM EST - +4% ST perf against top end Ice Lake, +90% MT, +28% Time Spy Extreme

05:14PM EST - 'The best laptop processor that's ever been built'

05:15PM EST - Creators unleashed

05:15PM EST - Lots of productivity tasks take advantage of Ryzen 7 4800U

05:15PM EST - Up to 50% over Ice Lake 1065G7

05:15PM EST - 2x perf per watt over previous gen

05:15PM EST - 30% from IPC and design, 70% from 7nm process (over 12nm)

05:16PM EST - Leading performance with all-day battery life

05:16PM EST - Lenovo Yoga Slim

05:16PM EST - Ryzen 7 4800U, 14.9mm thick, 1.4kg, up to 16 GB LPDDR4x

05:17PM EST - Freesync 14-inch FHD display

05:17PM EST - thinnest 8 core laptop on the market

05:17PM EST - Over 12+ designs coming in Q1 for U-series

05:17PM EST - Over 100+ systems expected in 2020

05:18PM EST - Now some Graphics news

05:18PM EST - Laura Smith to the stage, Senior Director of the Radeon Technologies Group

05:18PM EST - It's the gamers and creators that keep pushing us forward

05:18PM EST - Expert workloads

05:19PM EST - Gaming in 2019: $35.7b revenue, 1b+ hours gaming watched every month, >$1b esports revenue

05:19PM EST - 15% YoY in eSports revenue

05:19PM EST - the gaming market is strong and exciting

05:19PM EST - Over 500M gamers and creators use AMD Radeon

05:19PM EST - Desktop, Mobile, and Consoles

05:20PM EST - Expect to continue #1 in consoles

05:20PM EST - New consoles coming next year in 2021

05:20PM EST - Gaming is all about displays, GPUs, and software

05:20PM EST - AMD invests heavily in all three areas

05:20PM EST - Freesync is everywhere, 1000+ displays

05:21PM EST - $89 to $4000

05:21PM EST - Freesync = Stutter and Tear Free

05:21PM EST - Freesync Premium = Freesync + 120+ Hz + LFC

05:21PM EST - Freesync Premium Pro = Freesync Premium + HDR

05:22PM EST - AMD Radeon software, 3.4M downloads since December

05:22PM EST - Adrenalin 2020 Edition

05:23PM EST - AMD Radeon RX 5000 series

05:23PM EST - Excited about market reception of RDNA

05:24PM EST - Announcing the new Radeon RX5600 XT

05:25PM EST - 36 CUs, 1375 MHz, up to 1560 boost, 6GB GDDR6

05:25PM EST - Ultimate 1080p gaming

05:25PM EST - +10% or more over GTX 1660 Ti

05:26PM EST - 5600XT beats the competition for eSports

05:26PM EST - Around 120 Hz on popular titles

05:26PM EST - 7 partners with cards, no reference cards

05:27PM EST - But, price??

05:27PM EST - Available Jan 21, at $279

05:27PM EST - 5600M and 5700M coming to mobile in first half 2020

05:28PM EST - 2020 is the year of the gamer

05:28PM EST - Frank Azor to the stage

05:29PM EST - Focusing on gaming during Franks entire career

05:29PM EST - Frank was involved in the first gaming laptop 15 years ago

05:29PM EST - Radeon coming back to mobile

05:30PM EST - First time on an AMD CES stage as an AMD employee (used to be Dell/Alienware)

05:30PM EST - Only AMD has all of the core components that gamers and creators rely on

05:30PM EST - CPUs, software+tech, and GPUs

05:30PM EST - Bringing remarkable perf to laptops

05:31PM EST - Bringing them all together

05:31PM EST - 90+ million laptop gamers and creators

05:31PM EST - Gamers and Creators never have enough performance from a laptop, they always want more

05:31PM EST - Desktop class performance with mobile performance efficiency only from AMD

05:31PM EST - Ryzen 7 4800H CPU

05:32PM EST - 8C/16T, 2.9G base, 4.2G turbo, 45W TDP

05:32PM EST - Built for the most demanding workloads

05:32PM EST - H-Series is a giant leap forward

05:32PM EST - Take your content with you

05:33PM EST - Tackling the issues that affect gamers and creators

05:33PM EST - Want all the benefits without the compromise

05:33PM EST - Comparing 3DMark FireStrike Physics

05:33PM EST - Intel 9750H to 9700K gives +26% perf for 2x power

05:34PM EST - Ryzen 7 4800U gives +39% perf over the 9750H at the same power, more than the 95W desktop CPU

05:34PM EST - Even better for content creation workloads

05:34PM EST - 3.5 lbs with 10hr+ and sub-18mm with 4800H and discrete GPU

05:35PM EST - rear panel LED

05:35PM EST - Coming out in February

05:36PM EST - AMD is the only company that makes all the key components

05:36PM EST - AMD's Triple A advantage. A+A+A

05:36PM EST - This is about power consumption

05:36PM EST - and power delivery

05:36PM EST - moving power from CPU to GPU where needed

05:37PM EST - Take those lessons learned and apply that to discrete graphics

05:37PM EST - AMD SmartShift - the discrete graphics is now in the equation

05:37PM EST - Overclocks the GPU when more GPU perf is needed at the expense of CPU

05:37PM EST - Does it all the under the hood, and it does it very quickly and even saves power

05:38PM EST - +10% in The Division 2 with the feature on, it's a free feature without any adjustment

05:38PM EST - , +12% on Cinebench R20 NT

05:38PM EST - These are early results

05:39PM EST - Dell G5 SE, Available Q2 2020

05:39PM EST - 4800H + 5600M graphics

05:40PM EST - Starts at $799

05:40PM EST - Comes with a feature showing SmartShift in real time

05:40PM EST - Comes with a special profile as well

05:40PM EST - More info to come

05:41PM EST - Just getting started

05:41PM EST - More solutions coming soon (we've seen a few already)

05:41PM EST - Lisa back to the stage

05:41PM EST - Lisa back to the stage

05:41PM EST - One more produc

05:42PM EST - 3rd Gen Threadripper

05:42PM EST - The world's fastest processors

05:42PM EST - People queueing out the door to buy Ryzen and Threadripper in 2019

05:42PM EST - Waiting in line to get the first CPUs

05:43PM EST - When you look at why, the data speaks for itself

05:43PM EST - 24-core and 32-core has no competition

05:43PM EST - But what about 64-core

05:44PM EST - 16-core 3950X scores around 8600 in CBR20

05:44PM EST - The Threadripper 3990X

05:44PM EST - 64 core CPU

05:45PM EST - $3990

05:45PM EST - 3990X scores 25399 in CB20 NT

05:46PM EST - 2.9G base, 4.3 turbo

05:46PM EST - AMD 3990X is beating two Intel 8280. THat's $3990 vs $20k+

05:46PM EST - V-Ray is 30% faster on AMD

05:47PM EST - 'just slightly cheaper'

05:47PM EST - RED has been using them for a long while

05:49PM EST - Coming February 7th

05:51PM EST - That's a wrap

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  • ksec - Monday, January 6, 2020 - link

    First ! Haven't been this sort of excitement with anything in PC / Server Industry for a long time. Hopefully some juicy Zen 3 info.
  • thelonelynoble - Monday, January 6, 2020 - link

    I'm hoping they announce a good reason for me to regret buying a 3000 series chip 2 weeks ago.
  • Makaveli - Monday, January 6, 2020 - link

    Don't worry friend I also just build a Ryzen 3800X rig in Dec as a xmas gift to myself. When zen 3 comes out you can just drop the cpu into your current build and sell the chip you are using now.
  • Awful - Monday, January 6, 2020 - link

    The naming of desktop as Ryzen 3000 & mobile as Ryzen 4000 when they're both Zen 2 arch seems to add unnecessary complication. Is it intentional misdirection for consumers?
  • drexnx - Monday, January 6, 2020 - link

    This is how it's always been though. Raven Ridge (Zen 1 APUs) were 2200/2400.
  • Alistair - Monday, January 6, 2020 - link

    based on the year of release or product year, i think it's actually fine in this case considering the large gap in release timing
  • ksec - Monday, January 6, 2020 - link

    Intentional or not, their naming is still 10x easier to understand and better than Intel.
  • zmatt - Monday, January 6, 2020 - link

    64 Core TR and Zen 2 mobile look nice. Still let down we haven't heard about a 5700XTX or 5800 or whatever they want to call call high end Navi.
  • Unashamed_unoriginal_username_x86 - Monday, January 6, 2020 - link

    Yeah, no high end :/

    I suppose Nvidia has free roam this year on the top end. I'm hopeful for the APUs though, they look pretty nice.
  • Unashamed_unoriginal_username_x86 - Monday, January 6, 2020 - link

    nvm i dumb

    Can't wait to see benches for the 5600 though.

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