01:51PM EST - Hello all, we're here for the second press conference we're covering today, with many more to come. This time it's Qualcomm's turn to talk about the newest development in 2020 and how the company's product strategies will evolve over the coming year.

02:00PM EST - The event is starting - intro video now.

02:01PM EST - Cristiano Amon taking the stage.

02:03PM EST - Recap over what QC did at the tech summit back in December.

02:03PM EST - The Snapdraogn 865 redefined the user experience for 5G for 2020 flagships, as well as introducing the 765.

02:04PM EST - The Snapdragon 765 was already announced in the Oppo Reno3 a little over a week ago - a fantastic schedule shortly after the release in Hawaii.

02:05PM EST - "Really excited for Snapdragon setting the bar for performance in 5G"

02:05PM EST - "2020 is the year we expect 5G to scale" - moving faster than 4G despite skepticism.

02:05PM EST - Couple of quarters ago 5G was seen as hype, but now there's a turnaround in the view on 5G and its adoption.

02:06PM EST - The device ecosystem has already moved on.

02:06PM EST - 45 operators already have 5G deployed globally.

02:06PM EST - 2 years faster than 4G to get the same level of penetration.

02:07PM EST - Snapdragon 865 has seen a 2x design win increase over the 855 this year.

02:08PM EST - A high ecosystem momentum in adoption.

02:08PM EST - The Snapdragon 765 has 2.5x the design traction over the previous generation.

02:09PM EST - Oppo, Xiaomi, and Motorola being mentioned as leading adopters of the new platforms.

02:09PM EST - "It's not been well understood how good the traction has been for mobile broadband"

02:10PM EST - 34 OEMS developing CPE solutions using the X55.

02:10PM EST - "We never had that large traction for fixed wireless for any G transition"

02:12PM EST - Expanding adoption of laptops using Windows on Snapdragon

02:12PM EST - The 5G PC is now a reality.

02:13PM EST - World's first 5G PC announced in partnership with Lenovo.

02:14PM EST - Lenovo SVP Johnson Jia taking the stage to talk about the product.

02:15PM EST - "2020 is a year of 5G" - "Lenovo is proud to be one of the innovation leaders in 5G"

02:16PM EST - The Lenovo Yoga 5G PC

02:16PM EST - Ultraportable 2-in-1 always connected Windows PC.

02:17PM EST - Based on the 8cx SoC - likely paired with the new X55 modem.

02:19PM EST - Lenovo is using a new patented 5G antenna system.

02:20PM EST - New charging system that is more efficient and reduces the laptop's thermals when charging.

02:20PM EST - The Yoga 5G laptop comes in spring 2020 starting 1499USD.

02:22PM EST - Moving on to the next topic and "exciting announcement"

02:22PM EST - Cristiano is now talking about the cloud and how 5G is changing it.

02:22PM EST - Starting to see new use-cases with the new low latency and bandwidth of 5G

02:24PM EST - Talking about the new Cloud AI 100 accelerator that offers up to 350 TOPS inference performance.

02:25PM EST - Creating a new 5G edge box for the cloud scalers - apparently a big design win with a major hyperscaler.

02:25PM EST - Moving onto automotive.

02:26PM EST - Qualcomm has a long history of over 15 years in automotive.

02:27PM EST - 100 million vehicles are using QC technology today.

02:28PM EST - #1 position in infotainment design wins in 2020

02:28PM EST - 4 key focus areas in automotive.

02:29PM EST - Telematics, Digital Cockpit, Cloud devie management, ADAS and autonomous driving.

02:30PM EST - Peter Virk, from Jaguar and Land Rover taking the stage to talk more about connectivity.

02:33PM EST - Using the Snapdragon 820am platform. Is this based on the 820? It really show the super long design cycles in automotive designs.

02:34PM EST - Jaguar/Land Rover part wrapping up.

02:35PM EST - Continuing about the evolution of automotive solutions and autonomous driving.

02:35PM EST - We're now at level 2+ - just short of full self driving solutions at level 4+

02:37PM EST - Short video about automotive R&D on the platform

02:38PM EST - Announcing the new Qualcomm Snapdragon Ride Platform - scaling from level 1&2 up to 4+

02:38PM EST - 700TOPs at 130W at the highest end

02:38PM EST - Based on a new full new SoC "Snapdragon Ride"

02:39PM EST - Passively air cooled, reducing cost significantly while improving reliability

02:40PM EST - I think that this may be Cortex-A76AE based - I saw some Arm people before the event mentioning they'll have a new product with their IP in the announcements today.

02:40PM EST - Expanding the partnership with General Motors.

02:42PM EST - C-V2X being approved in China, the EU and the US around the 5.9GHz band by regulators.

02:43PM EST - Also announcing a new product offering for automotive : Qualcomm Car-to-Cloud Services

02:44PM EST - "The car is becoming a service platform"

02:45PM EST - 2020 is about scaling 5G, More devices

02:46PM EST - Redefining mobile computing, driving performance in the edge cloud

02:46PM EST - And continuation of the transformation in automotive platforms

02:46PM EST - Welcoming the "Suunto 7" using the new Snapdragon Wear 3100

02:47PM EST - Cristiano is wrapping up, and there's now a few Q&A.

02:48PM EST - We're wrapping up - see you on the next press event - AMD is next at 2PM.

02:48PM EST - .

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  • yeeeeman - Monday, January 6, 2020 - link

    Qualcomm is getting a bit boring with all this 5G buzzword. If it was a standalone product, yeah. But it depends on network quality, depends on the surroundings and frankly, I didn't see a sub 6Ghz speed test but I highly suspect the improvement won't be so huge and that is the range where most of the networks will work.
  • Alistair - Monday, January 6, 2020 - link

    Bring on the AMD event. Qualcomm announced a $1499 Windows on ARM laptop (DOA) and more 5G nobody cares about (they talk about adoption but that's just the normal fastest CPU of the year, nothing to do with demand for 5G).
  • Small Bison - Monday, January 6, 2020 - link

    "The Snapdraogn 865 redefined the user experience for 5G for 2020 flagships"

    We're six days into 2020. How does one "redefine" the experience of phones that haven't been released yet?
  • oRAirwolf - Monday, January 6, 2020 - link

    "Welcoming the "Suunto 7" using the new Snapdragon Wear 3100"

    The "new" 3100? Not the old Snapdragon Wear 3100 that is using ARMv7 ISA with Cortex A7 cores on TSMC's 28nm process that has been powering (and quickly draining) other Wear OS smartwatches from last year?
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