LG Press Conference, CES 2015

25 by Jarred Walton & Joshua Ho on 1/5/2015

NVIDIA Tegra X1 Preview & Architecture Analysis

In the past few years, we’ve seen NVIDIA shift their mobile strategy dramatically with time. With Tegra 2 and 3, we saw multiple design wins in the smartphone space...

194 by Joshua Ho & Ryan Smith on 1/5/2015

NVIDIA CES 2015 Press Conference Liveblog

18 by Ryan Smith & Joshua Ho on 1/4/2015

Understanding Brightness in AMOLED and LCD Displays

While we generally avoid going into deep detail when it comes to our display testing, in light of statements that seemingly contradict our testing it becomes important to contextualize...

85 by Joshua Ho & Brandon Chester on 12/22/2014

Encryption and Storage Performance in Android 5.0 Lollipop

As alluded to in our Nexus 6 review, our normal storage performance benchmark was no longer giving valid results as of Android 5.0. While Androbench was not a perfect...

93 by Brandon Chester & Joshua Ho on 11/20/2014

The OnePlus One Review

The OnePlus One has been one of the most hyped smartphones of 2014. There's really not much else to be said, as OnePlus' marketing has been quite noticeable amongst...

148 by Joshua Ho on 11/19/2014

Quick Note: Android Camera2 and Support For External ISPs

While we've written about Android's Camera2 API before, there was one notable aspect of the discussion that was missing. The missing piece was a discussion of the physical link...

8 by Joshua Ho on 11/9/2014

The Apple iPad Air 2 Review

As we approach the holidays, Apple has launched a new iPad as expected. As one might expect from the name, the iPad Air 2 is more of an evolution...

227 by Joshua Ho on 11/7/2014

Audience Announces S1.0 for Windows x86

While smartphones have always had a strong need for quality voice processing, on the PC side such concerns have generally fallen to the wayside as voice was generally ignored...

8 by Joshua Ho on 11/5/2014

Audience Announces eS800 Voice & Audio Processors

While voice calls have decreased in importance in the past few years, we've seen an increased need for voice processors that can properly isolate voice to enable features such...

1 by Joshua Ho on 11/5/2014

Google Nexus 9: Preliminary Findings

For a few years now, Google has had a generally consistent tablet strategy. Instead of chasing after the ~10 inch tablet segment and focusing upon the high end, we’ve...

146 by Joshua Ho on 11/3/2014

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review

At this point, the Galaxy Note line needs little introduction. After all, the Galaxy Note is Samsung’s biggest success in mobile. While Apple redefined the smartphone and tablet segment...

195 by Joshua Ho on 10/15/2014

An Introduction to Semiconductor Physics, Technology, and Industry

Learning about semiconductor physics and technology can be a daunting task. While it’s easy enough to understand what a transistor does and some of the terminology thrown around, getting...

77 by Joshua Ho on 10/9/2014

HTC Announces the Desire EYE

Today at their Double Exposure event in New York, HTC has announced the Desire EYE. The major feature on the Desire EYE is its 13MP front facing camera which...

17 by Brandon Chester & Joshua Ho on 10/8/2014

HTC Announces RE, an Action Camera: Hands On

Today is HTC's camera-centric Double Exposure event in New York. In addition to announcing the new Desire EYE, HTC is announcing a new device that occupies it's own space...

9 by Brandon Chester & Joshua Ho on 10/8/2014

The iPhone 6 Review

With every launch of the iPhone, Apple seems to have everything to lose and not much to gain. Apple’s iPhone line accounts for the majority of profits in the...

534 by Joshua Ho, Brandon Chester, Chris Heinonen & Ryan Smith on 9/30/2014

The iPhone 6 Plus Mini-Review: Apple's First Phablet

While we’ve also written about the iPhone 6, the iPhone 6 Plus needs its own review in order to really understand the various features of the device that would...

191 by Joshua Ho on 9/30/2014

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus: Preliminary Results

While we’re still working on the full review, I want to get out some preliminary results for the iPhone 6. For now, this means some basic performance data and...

317 by Joshua Ho on 9/22/2014

Hands On With ODG's R-7: Augmented Reality Glasses

While it's still unclear to me what the future of wearables will be, I must admit that all things considered I feel that glasses are a better idea than...

5 by Joshua Ho on 9/18/2014

The New Motorola Moto X (2nd Gen) Review

While I talked about Motorola’s issues in the launch article for the new Moto X, it’s well worth repeating. Motorola has been through a lot these past few years...

179 by Joshua Ho on 9/17/2014

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