12:59PM - and we're done! thanks for joining us on our first official live blog!

12:56PM - Intel will offer a grand prize of $1M in this perceptual computing contest later this year, details available at intel.com/software/perceptual

12:55PM - Intel Perceptual Computing SDK Beta, offering a contest in Q4 for the development of the coolest perceptual computing apps using the SDK

12:52PM - I want to benchmark a Coke vending machine

12:52PM - These machines are already deployed in South America

12:52PM - How people drink, what they do with the machine, etc...

12:51PM - The coke machine can provide a lot of analytical data to the owner thanks to having a full blown PC inside

12:50PM - Dadi is showing off a Core i7 based Coke vending machine

12:48PM - No new phone announcements at IDF, but steady progress being made

12:48PM - I think that's all we're going to get about Haswell in this keynote

12:47PM - Haswell can run Unigen at the same performance as Ivy Bridge but at roughly half the power

12:46PM - That's power unconstrained though

12:46PM - Looks like a 2x increase in GPU performance for Haswell vs. Ivy

12:46PM - Haswell running the Unigine benchmark much smoother than IVB

12:45PM - Running Unigine benchmark on Haswell vs. Ivy Bridge

12:45PM - Haswell reference platform demo

12:45PM - Haswell is mobile focused first, eventually into desktop/workstation and server

12:44PM - Haswell - We've been able to cut 20x of the idle power compared to Sandy Bridge

12:43PM - Ooohoh, I think we're about to talk about silicon

12:43PM - Talking about how Intel spans the mobility spectrum from smartphone to Ultrabook

12:43PM - Talking about application compatibility between Atom and Core based tablets...sort of true, you can't run AVX code on the Atom based tablets of course

12:41PM - We Want Haswell

12:41PM - Showing off Ivy Bridge based Windows 8 tablets

12:39PM - ASUS Vivo Tab used in the next demo

12:39PM - The point is you can have an enterprise software deployment on a Windows 8 tablet thanks to x86 backwards compatibility

12:38PM - Showing legacy Windows applications running in desktop mode on the Atom based Windows 8 tablet

12:37PM - Fumbling around trying to run a Windows 8 Atom enterprise tablet demo

12:36PM - Additional design wins based on Core based CPUs as well

12:36PM - Both in tandem and coming after the Windows 8 launch

12:36PM - More than 20 Intel Atom (Clover Trail) design wins

12:36PM - Now we're talking about Intel Windows 8 tablets

12:35PM - that was pretty sweet, using a NFC enabled paypass credit card you just touch it to the trackpad of an NFC enabled Ultrabook and all of your billing/shipping information is automatically entered

12:34PM - NFC paypass equipped credit card with a unique cipher, going to buy a new notebook from Tiger Direct

12:32PM - ...and enabling Ultrabooks with NFC paypass

12:32PM - Intel's Identity Protection Technology

12:32PM - What does Intel bring to this?

12:32PM - MasterCard wants ubiquitous acceptance, open API for PayPass

12:31PM - Talking about PayPass Wallet by MasterCard

12:30PM - Want to create an environment where it's easy for people to buy

12:30PM - Intel and MasterCard have been collaborating on something

12:29PM - Gary Flood, President of Global Products and Services of MasterCard is taking the stage now

12:28PM - Sidenote: AMD will also be focused on natural PC interfaces next year

12:27PM - Touch is just the beginning of innovation

12:27PM - A couple of quick gesture recognition demos

12:27PM - In a year or two we'll see 3D cameras integrated into notebooks

12:26PM - Intel has been working with Creative and SoftKinetic

12:26PM - Now moving to something more exciting than voice...gestures

12:25PM - A beta of Dragon Assistant will be available in Q4 of this year

12:25PM - Nuance's software will be paired with Ultrabooks shipping in Q4

12:24PM - Demonstrating Dragon's ability to recognize non-English speech as well

12:23PM - Now they're playing Gangam Style

12:23PM - Showing off the use of improper grammar in voice recognition

12:23PM - Still not the most impressive demo yet

12:22PM - "Search Amazon for Sunglasses"

12:22PM - Voice activated Google search results

12:22PM - Voice activated Ultrabook demo

12:21PM - It's demo time

12:20PM - The Rise of Natural Intuitive Computing

12:19PM - Now we're on to "Redefining the Computing Experience"

12:18PM - Still nothing really all that new:-/

12:18PM - Form factor innovation: tablet, Ultrabook detachable, Ultrabook convertible and notebook/clamshell

12:16PM - Dadi is showing off a bunch of Windows 8 tablets/convertibles

12:15PM - Haswell is what happens after that arrow

12:15PM - Ooh, there's an Ultrabook Journey slide up now, 2011, 2012 and a big arrow

12:14PM - I guess that's it for datacenter, we're onto mobile now

12:14PM - The real change happening is about mobile personal computing

12:14PM - AMD's SeaMicro talked a lot about its networking fabric yesterday, I wonder if we're going to hear anything about Intel's own

12:13PM - The datacenter isn't just about processing, but also interconnect and fabric

12:13PM - Intel: we have to create a broad set of microarchitectures for the varying needs in the datacenter

12:12PM - Ok we're starting to talk about the datacenter

12:12PM - "our focus in cloud and mobility"

12:11PM - The great thing about digital data is analysis

12:11PM - Dadi is talking about how much data we create and share now

12:10PM - Chip design, software, fabs, etc...

12:09PM - Dadi is touting Intel's advantages beyond just hardware

12:09PM - At the end of the day it's all about the software

12:08PM - There's a 10x difference in transistor count between Medfield and Xeon Phi

12:08PM - Dadi is holding up Medfield and Xeon Phi

12:07PM - Still waiting for something new, these keynotes always start off slow by modern standards

12:07PM - Reinventing computing isn't just about Intel, it's about Intel collaborating with developers here and around the world

12:06PM - Dadi is going to talk about re-inventing computing...again

12:06PM - Today Intel is focused on experience

12:05PM - In 1997 Intel was just getting into the data center, things have changed a lot since then

12:05PM - IDF has been around for 15 years, the first show was in 1997 - back when AT started

12:03PM - Dadi was working on Centrino when 9/11/01 happened

12:03PM - This is the first IDF that started on a 9/11, Dadi is respectfully remembering 9/11/01

12:03PM - Dadi is awesome, let's see what he has to say

12:02PM - Dadi Perlmutter is taking the stage

12:02PM - Looks like an ASUS design, way to go Jonney

12:02PM - Windows 8 touch enabled Ultrabook featured in the video

12:01PM - The requisite introduction video is starting

12:01PM - Louder music means things are starting

11:59AM - We're being asked to silence our cell phones

11:59AM - 2 minutes until keynote time

11:57AM - I fear that I just jinxed it...

11:57AM - I don't want to jinx it, but Intel usually does a good job of making WiFi not break during these things

11:56AM - The keynote is going to begin in 5 minutes!

11:54AM - Old IDF Facts: IDF used to also move locations quite a bit. These days it's held in San Francisco, but it's been in San Jose and Palm Springs as well.

11:54AM - Old IDF Facts: Intel used to hold two IDFs in the US every year, one in the spring and one in the fall

11:52AM - ...or stereotypes about engineers

11:52AM - Intel is playing a video of folks talking about geek stereotypes

11:51AM - We're seated and waiting...well in reality we're seated and working



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