Microsoft is talking a lot about the importance of touch input to the Windows 8 experience in everything from tablets to high-end desktops. To show just how far you can go with touch, Microsoft demonstrated a PC running Windows 8 connected to an 82-inch touchscreen that can support up to 100 touch inputs (or 10 simultaneous users).

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  • Arnulf - Wednesday, February 29, 2012 - link

    What's with the fugly cyan / red color scheme ? *IF* I end up stuck with Win8 I'll be turning their metrosexual interface thingy off anyway but the choice of colors has me worried that same scheme will be used throughout the system :(
  • spinportal - Thursday, March 1, 2012 - link

    What workstations with Win8 need is a tablet UI remote (wifi-bluetooth-usb) like a galaxy tab / kindle fire running an "Win8" Extender App that can replace the keyboard / mouse + gestures, along with mirroring the user's desktop screen (zoom in % to fully zoomed out) with the graphic overlay for virtual UI on the tablet screen. Optional hardware mouse buttons might be useful on a smaller 5" tablet device, possibly even a "scroll wheel" since desktop apps maintain focus within the window instead of filling the entire real estate (unless that's the "new" feel of Win 8 to make an app a full screen sandbox - which might be annoying to power users). To cut costs, the tablet can be a dumbed down device like the Wii tablet remote, or could be an app running on full consumer type tablet running Android, BBoS or iOS with a custom app provided (dare I say) Microsoft. Gone are the days of gorilla arms, carpal tunnel and possibility of cutting the cables and iffy BT connections. The tablet UI is endlessly configurable, except for holographic input... for now.
  • dhaval070 - Saturday, March 2, 2013 - link

    How can Microsoft imagine that touch ui is fun on large screen desktops ? Its not even useful for laptops larger than 10 inches.

    Rolling finger slightly on touch pad or pointing by mouse is a lot easier and sensible than moving hand on touch screen. Moreover I don't want to make finger prints on my laptop or desktop screen.

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