Tegra 3 tablets are a big thing for NVIDIA right now, and we’ve seen quite a few new tablets using the SoC. At NVIDIA’s booth, they had a bunch of ASUS Eee Prime Transformer tablets set up with a variety of games and other software. Grand Theft Auto IV was running on one unit, but more impressive was the multiplayer ShadowGun running on two more tablets. Both of those games (personally, at least) pale in comparison to another tablet with Skyrim “running” on Tegra 3. It wasn’t actually running on the tablet natively, but NVIDIA worked with SplashTop to get and optimized remote desktop connection to a PC running Skyrim—in all its glory. Of course it’s really the desktop doing the work, but the game was running smoothly with the WiFi remote desktop stream.

The other thing NVIDIA had on display were some Tegra 3 tablets running Windows 8. These were behind glass and you couldn't interact with them, but Microsoft did some live demos of Windows 8 on an Eee Prime Transformer at their keynote Monday. It appears Tegra 3 is well on its way to being ready for Windows 8 (and vice versa).

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  • Wolfpup - Monday, January 23, 2012 - link

    Still don't know whether I can be impressed by Windows 8 on ARM, since we don't know if it's really Windows 8, or basically just a table/phone OS yet, and don't know performance.

    If it runs real windows decently, I'm impressed. If it even has an x86 emulator, I'm very impressed.

    If it's just running phone "apps" with Metro or whatever, I couldn't care less. I already have an iPad to do that, and barely use it.

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