Although they're not officially supposed to go on sale until tomorrow, Newegg already has their selection of 7970s up for sale this evening. Newegg has cards from all of AMD's major North American partners, including HIS, Gigabyte, XFX, Asus, Sapphire, and PowerColor. Most of them are at the AMD MSRP of $549, though the Asus card is $589, and XFX's custom cooled and overclocked model is at $599.

While we don't have an official statement from AMD on 7970 availability, historically the first run of every next-generation GPU has sold out and we don't expect the 7970 to be any different. (Ed: One sold out while we were writing this post).

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  • SBTech86 - Monday, January 9, 2012 - link

    how well does 6870 crossfire go against this ? 549 is steeeep
  • Ananke - Monday, January 9, 2012 - link

    6870 xfire very well....7970 is probably a great card, just it is not worth $600 to me.

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